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5 Pillars of Digital Transformation 1. Discover what market forces are driving your business to change

5 Pillars of Digital Transformation 2. Collaboratively design and plan action areas across the enterprise

5 Pillars of Digital Transformation 3. Ideate and co-design solutions for new products, services and operational efficiencies

5 Pillars of Digital Transformation 4. Plan and change with an understanding of the costs and risks involved

5 Pillars of Digital Transformation 5. Co-ordinate all parts of the enterprise during the digital transformation

Master Business & IT Transformation

Business and IT Transformation (BITT) is the starting point for many of the use cases supported by Software AG´s Digital Business Platform. Covering the design and planning aspects of the digital transformation, the BITT solution is comprised of two market-leading products: ARIS and Alfabet.

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See how Philips drives successful Digital Transformation and Innovation with ARIS and ALFABET

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Discover, design, plan and change your digital business using one platform for collaborative business and IT transformation.

Design & Planning the Core of Digital Transformation

Customer journeys building loyalty that lasts

Giving customer journeys the respect they deserve

With the rise of digital commerce, customer expectations spread further and faster than ever before. This means a customer's journey doesn't start and end with your sales staff – the journey includes every customer experience, over time and spanning your organization's many departments. Learn how to design and analyze your optimal customer journey in the digital environment with the new MWD Advisors report.

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Why Customer Experience matters

Loyal customers

are worth up to

0 times

as much as their first purchase

0 %

of customers won´t purchase again after a

poor service
0 %

of buyers will pay more for a

better customer experience

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ARIS Cloud is a full-scale Business Process Analysis-as-a-Service product. It powers collaborative process improvement projects around the globe. Sign up for your free trial today.

Key Takeaways About Enterprise Management Systems In a digital world, your management system must be(come) digital!
Check the key takeaways for business model innovation and digital transformation.


Get another pair of glasses

Offer tailored information to every single person's role, department, and location. Adapting content display to your audience will improve adoption and boost productivity


Reduce and secure

An enterprise management system needs to support day-to-day activities of the entire organization. Combining business process analysis with governance, risk and compliance capabilities will improve compliance, reduce risks, and slash operational costs


Embrace document management

By retaining all necessary information in ONE central repository, you can eliminate uncontrolled documentation and make sure every employee can make use of the latest up-to-date information when it’s needed


The 3 C’s of Enterprise Management Systems

  • Communicate: information and instructions across the organization, to everyone, everywhere and at any time
  • Collaborate: without limitations, so everyone can contribute ideas that support the business
  • Collect: feedback and data to ensure processes and information are efficient and beneficial

Move your process

You need the ability to change processes fast, and implement them across the organization. Speed change and improvement cycles while ensuring that processes and policies are actually benefitting your people

It all comes back to Digital A digital enterprise management system—delivering speed, collaboration, and compliance—is key to survive in today’s digital world.

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Well... Do we really need to mention? It all comes back to Digital

A digital enterprise management system is key to survive in today’s digital world.

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Why and how!

Enterprise Management Systems in a nutshell – 3 minutes to learn about Software AG’s game changing solution.

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Watch the new On-Demand Webcast „Measure your Management System Against Other Global Innovators” today.

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Analyst White Paper Strategy To Execution – And Back

Strategy and execution: two elements of success that only work when they work together. What's needed to map strategy to execution and back? Understanding high-level capabilities and goals. Linking those goals to operational process metrics. Mapping a real-time view of metrics back onto corporate goals. And a digital business platform to tie it all together with business architecture modeling, process management, and analytics.

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Sandy Kemsley

Sandy Kemsley, Independent Analyst & Application Architect,

Embracing Cloud — What’s your plan?

Cloud and digital business are changing the business world as we know it, offering tremendous potential for mastering markets. Despite the difference in their purposes—cloud is a deployment option, digital business a business model option—these two trends are intricately connected and will inevitably converge.

The Impact Of Hybrid Cloud On Enterprise IT – and How To Benefit

Watch this informative webinar with Carl Lehman from 451 Research and Ulrich Kalex from Software AG and understand the impact of cloud on your Enterprise Architecture. Get practical, expert advice on how to plan and manage transformation to cloud initiatives such as how to set a strategy, execute your plan, and stay adaptive for new opportunities.

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Planning Your Journey to the Cloud

To be successful in implementing both cloud and digital business strategies you need a platform that supports both as separate as well as a combined strategies. Learn how IT planning and portfolio management helps you navigate your course and avoid many commonplace issues when transitioning to cloud.

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Gauging Cloud Potential in an Enterprise Landscape

Which business capabilities will benefit most from cloud applications? Which applications are the best candidates for cloud deployment? Base your decisions on real insights and facts so you can implement cloud technologies where you’ll benefit most.

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Software AG has integrated all building blocks to create the world’s first Digital Business Platform - empowering you to master your Digital Transformation.

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